"No one makes a living as a writer."


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“No one makes a living as a writer…”

These were the words spoken to me all throughout my college years, where I studied creative writing.

My peers, my parents, even my teachers all seemed to believe that writing was dead. And in 2013, right as I was getting ready to graduate, most of my teachers made it a point to remind us all wide-eyed and aspiring writers that we were entering into a failing industry. Advice on how we could succeed was nonexistent, and as a result, most of my peers accepted their fate: they’d work at a library, or a coffee shop, while wishing they’d been born in the Hemingway era.

Not me.

I started writing online when I was 17 years old…

In 2007, I had one of the first e-famous gaming blogs on the Internet. This was my introduction to the world of digital writing.

As soon as I graduated college, I took it as my personal challenge to figure out how a writer succeeds in the digital age. I had a hard time believing that with the rise of the Internet, the written word was dead. So, I took all the knowledge I’d gained studying literature, and I dove head-first into the fast-paced world of digital publishing.

Here’s what happened:

  • 1 year after graduating from college, I had become one of the Top Writers on Quora, with several million views on my work.

  • I started having articles republished by Forbes, Fortune, TIME, CNBC, Inc Magazine, Business Insider, The Chicago Tribune, Slate Magazine, and dozens more.

  • Inc Magazine was republishing so many of my articles from Quora, they eventually offered me my own column. 30 days later, I became one of Inc Magazine’s most popular writers, accumulating several hundred thousand page views for the site.

  • In 2016, I was both the #1 writer on Quora (a website with nearly 300 million users) and one of the Top 10 most popular columnists for Inc Magazine. I was also featured on the popular podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire, talking about how I had leveraged Quora to get my work republished in over 20 major publications on the Internet.

  • At the end of 2016, I quit my 9-5 job as a copywriter at an advertising agency and published my first book, Confessions of a Teenage Gamer. At that time, I had nearly 100,000 followers across Quora, Instagram, and Twitter, over 10,000 email subscribers, and over 25 million views on my work. I published my first book independently, and rose to #2 in two separate categories on Amazon in the first 24 hours.

  • In 2017, I moved to Los Angeles, where I began advising a number of companies on their messaging strategies, including ShipChain, MagnaChain, and more, as well as working with NYT best-selling authors on their content strategies.

  • In 2017, I also launched Digital Press, a ghostwriting agency exclusively for founders, CEOs, speakers, authors, and industry experts. In less than 12 months, we scaled to 15 full-time employees and over seven figures in annual revenue.

  • In 2018, Digital Press became one of the largest producers of high-quality written content for business thought leaders on the Internet, averaging ~150 pieces of unique content per month. We also expanded our working relationships with Olympians, Grammy-winning musicians, and more.

  • 2019…. to be continued.

About Output Writing

Output Writing is a method of writing I believe is essential in order to succeed in the digital age, and remain relevant over the long term.

In the simplest way, Output Writing is a commitment to practice in public on a regular basis. It is a mentality as much as it is a stylistic approach, and prioritizes output over everything else. In today’s fast-moving culture, I believe (and data tells me) that output is essential in order to remain both timely and timeless.

For the past several years, I have taught this method of writing to a hundreds of loyal readers, as well as the full-time employees of my company, Digital Press. This writing method has driven hundreds of millions of page views, generated millions of dollars in revenue, and most of all, helped previously unknown voices and passionate writers stand out in today’s digital landscape.

The more time you spend on this site, the more you will learn:

  • The 9 mistakes writers make that keep them from making any money at all.

  • How to build a personal brand around who you are, and what you love to write about.

  • The 7 templates I’ve created (after writing 3,000 articles on the Internet) to drastically increase its likelihood of your content going viral (accumulating hundreds of thousands, even millions of views).

  • Which social platforms you should be writing on, why, and how to “hack” them in order to guarantee that people read your work.

  • How to leverage your accolades as a writer to bigger opportunities, such as speaking, 1-on-1 consulting, company advising, and more.

  • And hundreds of digital marketing tactics to build a loyal audience, a massive email list, and more.

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